The Automotive Dictionary is a specialised dictionary for the automotive sector. New terms are being coined in this sector all the time, and we are convinced of the need to compile and analyse them. That is why we brought together various companies in the sector (Batz, Cikautxo, Ekin, Elay, GKN and Maier) and with the help of the advisory service provided by terminology experts in the Elhuyar Language & Technology Unit we have produced this dictionary, in which we have gathered the terms we use in our everyday work, and which we are making available to the general public.

It is clear that globalisation is leading us to another business reality and that from one year to the next the number of companies immersed in internationalisation processes is on the increase. In this new reality, we companies find ourselves having to manage various languages, be it in work processes, in relations with clients and suppliers, in relations among workers or in resources and computing applications.

So, properly managing languages and setting up a language strategy at work is a key aspect for competitiveness, as it allows us to display greater proximity to the client. Bearing this aim in mind, there is no doubt that managing the terminology of our sector and our companies has been a very important step.

This dictionary seeks to gather the multilingual terminology of the automotive sector and thus meet the terminology needs of companies, professionals and experts in this field.

We have produced the Automotive Dictionary to be able to effectively meet the communication needs of automotive sector users. The dictionary has started off with 2,650 items used in the automotive sector in 6 languages (English, Basque, Spanish, French, German and Chinese). The items have been classified into the different areas of automotive engineering, in line with the classification proposed by the ACICAE (Automotive Cluster of the Basque Autonomous Community).

To complete the project, terminology from the automotive section of the Elhuyar Dictionary of Science & Technology has also been included.

Continuation of the project

This dictionary is no more than the start of a bigger project. In order to improve relations with clients and internal communication in the companies in the automotive sector, we are aiming to build a website that includes not only terminology but also other types of content like definitions, images, documentation, etc. which will be of tremendous use to us in our daily work.

To turn this new website into a showcase and source of information for automotive companies, it is vital for more companies in the sector to join the project.

If you would like to receive further information about the project, please get in touch with us at:, and we will explore the various possibilities for collaboration.

Aim of the dictionary and general features

Our aim with this Automotive Dictionary is to offer, in a precise and clear way, reliable, up-to-date basic terminology pertaining to the automotive sector.

To produce it, we based ourselves on the documentation we use in companies, so it is a dictionary based on in-house terminology. It is a compilation of terms that companies in the sector use on a day-to-day basis and which seeks to help to clarify any doubts that may arise.

Features of the Automotive Dictionary:

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